ZSE Market Commentary 24 May 2023

The ZSE All Share index increased by 2,718.38 points (3.21%) to finish at 87,374.15 points.
AFDIS DISTILLERS LIMITED (AFDS.zw) gained $120.0000 to close at $970.0000, CFI
HOLDINGS LIMITED (CFI.zw) increased by $105.8804 to $811.8000 and CBZ HOLDINGS
LIMITED (CBZ.zw) added $60.0000 to close at $460.0000. PROPLASTICS LIMITED
(PROL.zw) went up by $51.7001 to $396.7000 whilst DAIRIBORD HOLDINGS LIMITED
(DZL.zw) traded $41.4500 higher at $318.0000.
Trading in the negative: TANGANDA TEA COMPANY LIMITED (TANG.zw) shed
$16.4058 to close at $730.0488. ZIMPLOW HOLDINGS LIMITED (ZIMW.zw) decreased
by 2.5100 to close at $92.4900. FIRST MUTUAL PROPERTIES LIMITED (FMP.zw) lost
$1.7917 to close at 37.0000. RIO ZIM LIMITED (RIO.zw) traded $1.002 lower at $253.0000.
SEED CO LIMITED (SEED.zw) lost $0.4091 to close at $560.0000