C-TRADE is a comprehensive suite of mobile and internet-based products designed to automate the end-to-end processes of the entire capital markets from securities trading, clearing and settlement. The innovation was developed to harness and promote participation of every type of investor from the smallest retail to the largest institutions in financial and capital markets.


The C-TRADE platform enables you to manage your portfolio. It can be  accessed the stock with a basic phone, smartphone or via the web.

A web-based portal designed to enable investors to participate on the securities market. It also automates the interaction of an investor with the securities dealers. It offers a wide array of services ranging from securities account registration, real-time market data access, order routing, order management and portfolio management.

Is the simplest channel which allows any investor to access and participate in any securities market through a GSM cell phone. This channel is integrated to a Mobile Network Operator’s Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) gateway and all the mobile subscribers will access the application through a reserved short code. All the mobile subscribers can access the application by dialing *727# across all mobile networks.

This comprises of simple and secure Android and iOS applications tailored for both smartphones and tablets devices. One can now enjoy simple and convenient trading of securities. It offers a wide array of services including real-time market data access, order routing, order management, and portfolio management.

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