ZSE Market Commentary 18 May 2023

The ZSE All Share index gained 3,985.67 points (5.32%) closing at 78,898.82 points. HIPPO
VALLEY LIMITED (HIPPO.zw) increased by $189.3263 to close at $1,490.0000, MEIKLES
LIMITED (MEIK.zw) increased by $110.4620 to $755.2500 and TANGANDA TEA
COMPANY LIMITED (TANG.zw) added $79.8640 to close at $620.0000. AFDIS
DISTILLERS LIMITED (AFDS.zw) went up by $68.0000 to $850.0000 whilst DELTA
CORPORATION LIMITED (DLTA.zw) traded $64.2629 higher at $1772.6114.
Trading in the negative: BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO LIMITED (BAT.zw) shed
$438.0528 to finish at $5417.5000. CFI HOLDINGS LIMITED (CFI.zw) decreased by
$49.3304 to close at $705.9196 whilst MASHONALAND HOLDINGS LIMITED (MASH.zw)
lost $0.0557 to finish at $22.0000