About C-Trade

C-TRADE is an innovation developed to harness and promote participation of every type of investor from the smallest retail to the largest institutions in financial and capital markets, through mobile and internet based platforms. It automates the interface of the retail and institutional investors, giving them direct access to the market with enhanced efficiency and convenience. The C-TRADE suite offers a number of order routing options which allows equal access to all computer, simple and smartphone mobile users. The interface comprises of three segments;

C-Trade Mobile USSD

The USSD end is integrated to a Mobile Network Operator’s USSD gateway and subscribers will access the application through a *727# short code from all network operators in Zimbabwe.

C-Trade Mobile App

The C-TRADE mobile comprises of a wide range of applications which include Android, Windows, IOS and the USSD. These were designed to give direct market access and convenience (anywhere, anytime) to the retail investors. They allow the individual investors to carryout direct trading and portfolio management. The native App option tailored for both smartphone and tablet devices, one can now enjoy simple, convenient and hassle-free trading of securities.

C-Trade Online

C-TRADE online is a web portal designed to enable retail investors to carry out direct trading and portfolio management. It is a web based solution which automates the interaction of an individual with the securities dealers. It offers a wide range of online and mobile payment options for the funding buy orders.